Jacuzzi® Mesh Skimmer Bag (10 holes)"J-300 /J-400 J-500 from 2014
£ 33.01 £ 33.01 33.01 GBP
Fits All J-500 Collection Models (J-585, J-575)
Fits All 2013+ J-400 Collection Models (J-495, J-480, J-470, J-465, J-425, J-415)
Fits All 2012+ J-495, J-425, J-415
Fits All 2014+ J-300 Collection Models (J-385, J-375, J-365, J-355, J-345, J-335, J-325, J-315)
Will NOT fit any J-200 or J-300 Collection model year not listed
Jacuzzi® Mesh Skimmer Bag (6 holes) Before 2013 J-300
£ 31.20 £ 31.20 31.2 GBP
Jacuzzi® Mesh Skimmer Bag for J-200 + J-300 Series (6570-392)

Skimmer Bag has 6 holes around the top of the bag, and a 7th hole at the bottom on the strap to attach the bag to the skimmer door