Jacuzzi® Mesh Skimmer Bag (10 holes) 6570-398
£ 29.94 £ 29.94 29.94 GBP
The Jacuzzi® Skimmer Debris Bag helps removal of floating insects, leaves and floating debris. This part has 10 top fastening filter clip holes. This product is for J-400 and J-500 models from 2014+ and J-LX/J-LXL Series(2013+)
Jacuzzi® Mesh Skimmer Bag (6 holes) 6570-392
£ 28.30 £ 28.30 28.3 GBP
JACUZZI® Mesh Skimmer Bag for J-200 + J-300 Series (6570-392)

Skimmer Bag has 6 holes around the top of the bag, and a 7th hole at the bottom on the strap to attach the bag to the skimmer door