O-Care Water Treatment Spa Kit
£ 84.90 £ 84.90 84.9 GBP
Have you noticed your skin become dry, itchy and irritated since you began using your spa? Let us introduce you to O-Care. As one of the best hot tub chemicals for sensitive skin, O-Care is made up of a mixture of high quality minerals to reduce the amount of chlorine and bromine in your spa and restore your skin to its former glory.

A revolutionary treatment in eco friendly hot tub care, the O-Care Water Treatment removes & prevents biofilm; consistently cleaning so less chemicals are required to protect you and your spas main components.
O-Care Swim Spa Kit
£ 179.00 £ 179.00 179.0 GBP
SWIMSPA - This kit will last 4-6 months (2 x 5 litres)

Smooth soft water improves the swimming qualities

Reinforce the water’s properties and enjoy water hassle free