£ 19.98 £ 19.98 19.98 GBP
Jacuzzi J-400 replacement pillow (2017+) 6455-031
£ 20.12 £ 20.12 20.12 GBP
GENUINE JACUZZI QUALITY | These pillows are made by Jacuzzi and proudly bear the Jacuzzi logo front and center, to reassure you and your visitors of the pedigree of your spa.
GUARANTEED COMPATIBLE | These replacement pillows snap right in to the existing fasteners of your J-435, J-445, J-475 and J-485 spa. No additional tools or hardware should be necessary.
SOFT AND DURABLE | These pillows are designed to cradle your head in comfort while you enjoy a relaxing soak in your hot tub. The pillows can handle exposure to the diluted concentrations of chlorine, bromine, or mineral sanitizers used in modern hot tubs.
JACUZZI CATALOGUE | This pillow is part number 6455-031
Jacuzzi Pillow 2472-135 for new J-300 Spas (MY 2020+)
£ 25.90 £ 25.90 25.900000000000002 GBP
Genuine Jacuzzi brand part
Perfect match for your new J-300 series hot tub
Dark grey textured finish
Soft and luxurious
Jacuzzi® J -500 Series Pillow
£ 23.14 £ 23.14 23.14 GBP

This replacement pillow works with J-500™ 2015+
Jacuzzi® J-200 Pillow 2005+ 2472-828
£ 17.42 £ 17.42 17.42 GBP
Replacement Pillow For Jacuzzi J-200 Series Spas 2005 To Current
Jacuzzi® J-400 Series Pillow
£ 23.49 £ 23.49 23.490000000000002 GBP
Jacuzzi J-400 Pillow model years 2009+
with Jacuzzi logo
Part Code 2455-263