£ 69.99 £ 69.99 69.99 GBP
Spa Side Handrail
£ 216.65 £ 216.65 216.65 GBP
Spa Side Handrail is the most user friendly spa side assist product on the market. This device provides 360 degrees of movement for easy spa entry and exit. An added feature enables the handrail to be fixed in any position for increased safety and peace of mind. The addition of attractive LED mood lighting transforms the Spa Side Handrail into an essential piece of your spa decor. The under-spa base slides under the spa cabinet for complete and secure installation within minutes. Complete your spa experience with the Spa Side Handrail

• Soft blue, battery operated LED light
• Can be fixed in position
• Durable zinc-plated with powder coat finish
• Attractive carbon grey colour
• Perfect fit for spas up to 102 cm tall
• Under-spa mounting design
• No drilling into your spa cabinet
• Features a 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty
Layflat Hose Blue 25mm x 10 metre
£ 19.99 £ 19.99 19.990000000000002 GBP
Layflat Hose Blue 25mm x 10 metre

Use with submersible pumps for emptying spa water. Please note if purchasing this hose you will likely also need 1 x jubilee clip to fix the hose onto the submersible pump outlet
Luxury Spa Pillow - Black
£ 35.99 £ 35.99 35.99 GBP
Submersible Pump
£ 59.99 £ 59.99 59.99 GBP
Draper Submersible Pump for safe, quick and easy emptying of spa or pool water

The pump is fitted with thermal overload protection for longer life. Supplied with 25 - 32mm diameter stepped hose adaptor, 10M (approx.) cable and approved plug.


Maximum output

Maximum head height


Float switch

Output aperture diameter

Max particle diameter

Hose adaptor diameter


Beach Ball Scum Sponge
£ 8.50 £ 8.50 8.5 GBP
This fanciful floater is designed from a special foam that absorbs forty times its own weight in oils and lotions.  Float one in your spa or skimmer to keep the water line sparkling clean.
Champagne Bucket
£ 14.99 £ 14.99 14.99 GBP
Simply add a bottle of your favourite chilled champagne, lots of ice and invite some friends over!  Why not make it a party to remember and add some Jacuzzi engraved champagne flutes to your order?  Made from clear acrylic - safe to use outdoors and easy to keep clean.
Floating Tablet Dispenser
£ 5.19 £ 5.19 5.19 GBP
A small pool or hot tub floating dispenser. Used for slow release and safe disolving or Chlorine, Bromine or Oxygen tablets.
Jacuzzi® Champagne Flute
£ 7.99 £ 7.99 7.99 GBP
Jacuzzi® branded acrylic champagne flute.  Dishwasher safe and perfect for use outside whilst sitting relaxing in your hot tub
Inflatable Spa Pillow
£ 9.16 £ 9.16 9.16 GBP
Inflatable spa pillow for use in any spa or hot tub
Quick Links - Spa Cover Buckle Repair Kit
£ 22.99 £ 22.99 22.990000000000002 GBP
Quick Link Complete Buckle Replacement Kit

If the buckle breaks off your cover strap how do you sew on a new one?  You don't!  Simply add our strap adaptor.  A handy stainless steel quick link allows instant attachment to the existing strap.

Directions: Attach Quick Link to cover strap.  Attach Locking Buckle on the spa cabinet so that is taut when the Quick Link is inserted into the buckle.
Jubilee Clip for Sub Pump Flat Hose
£ 1.99 £ 1.99 1.99 GBP
Jubilee clip suitable for securing flat hose to submersible pump.
Spa Cover Cap
£ 85.00 £ 85.00 85.0 GBP
Spa Cover Cap help to protects the spa or hot tub cover from the natural elements, moisture build up, wear and fading. Offering optimum protection for the spa or hot tub, the cover is water-resistant and reduces condensation and prevents the build up of dirt and mildew. Made from high quality, lightweight ripstop polyester, backed with a breathable membrane. Easy to handle and takes up little space when not in use.

Life Spa Cover Cap Color: Charcoal

Life Spa Cover Cap Dimensions:

SCL222 = 220cm x 220cm x 25cm
Tub Hub Spa Vac
£ 69.99 £ 69.99 69.99 GBP
Designed to be a simple, inexpensive solution for cleaning your Spa or Hot Tub


Self-contained spa vacuum
No pumping
No batteries
No water hook-up
Aluminium telescopic pole extends to over 7'
Picks up rocks, pennies, marbles, beach sand, etc.

Spa Vac is ideal for removing dirt and debris from the bottom of your spa or hot tub.
£ 19.62 £ 19.62 19.62 GBP
Water Wizard Filter Cleaner Tool Wand Jet - Tub Hub

The Water Wizard can be easily connected to your garden hose. This handy jet makes short work of cleaning out the debris from your filter

Spa Brush
£ 13.15 £ 13.15 13.15 GBP
Spa cleaning brush with non-scratch edges. Easily brush surfaces clean!
Ideal for use in spas and hot tubs
Ergonomic handle with soft grip
Shaped for easy use with spa and hot tub curves
Non-scratch rubber edges
Pliable, shell friendly bristles
Removable handle for use with telescopic pole
Spa Leaf Skimmer
£ 12.98 £ 12.98 12.98 GBP
Leaf Skimmer with with soft grip rubber handle
Handle is removable if you want to fix to an optional telescopic pole
Spa Booster Seat
£ 11.59 £ 11.59 11.59 GBP
Tub Scrubber
£ 11.72 £ 11.72 11.72 GBP
Underwater Disco Light
£ 24.99 £ 24.99 24.990000000000002 GBP