303 Aerospace Protectant 473ml
£ 19.99 £ 29.51 19.990000000000002 GBP
Ultimate UV Protection - keeps vinyl, rubber and plastic looking newer for longer
Helps prevent fading and cracking
Repels dust, lint and staining
Restores lost colour and lustre
473ml container size
Instatest 4 Test Strips
£ 10.99 £ 10.99 10.99 GBP
InstaTest 4 Pool & Spa Test strips.  Pack of 50

Testing for: Free Chlorine, Bromine, Alkalinity, pH, Total Hardness

Spa Fusion Oxidiser
£ 2.00 £ 3.99 2.0 GBP
Oxygen based shock treatment formulated to revitalise spa and above ground pool water. Eliminates water contaminants and restores water clarity without shock-chlorination.  35g sachets
Jacuzzi® Alkalinity Increaser 1Kg
£ 8.49 £ 8.49 8.49 GBP
Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Alkalinity Increaser used to raise the Total Alkanility level in a hot tub.

Low Total Alkalinity causes spa water to be corrosive that may result in staining or etching of spa acrylic.
Jacuzzi® Blended Chlorine Shock 500g
£ 15.99 £ 15.99 15.99 GBP
It is advisable to periodically i.e every week/fortnight,shock treat hot tub water to eliminate non filterable wastes and excessive organic pollution. Jacuzzi® Chlorine Shock is ideal for this. Comes with plastic measuring spoon. One container is sufficient for 14 treatments of an average 1500l spa.
Jacuzzi® Bromine Granules 1Kg
£ 17.49 £ 17.49 17.490000000000002 GBP
Jacuzzi® Spa Bromine Granules are highly effective granules used for sanitisation and algae control of spa water. These granules have a minimal effect on pH.
Jacuzzi® Bromine Starter Kit
£ 39.99 £ 39.99 39.99 GBP
Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Starter kit, contains all you need to get you started, Contains 500g pH minus, 500g pH plus, 500 ml No Foam, Test Strips (contains 50 strips) and 500g of rapid dissolving Bromine Granules. Includes a hot tub chemical usage, safety and water quality problem solving guide.
Jacuzzi® Bromine Tablets 1Kg
£ 22.99 £ 22.99 22.990000000000002 GBP
Slow dissolving Jacuzzi® bromine tablets which can be used with a floating dispenser to sanitise your hot tub water.

** please note due to shipping hazard class only 1kg of this product can be shipped in any one order (limited quantity regulations) **
Jacuzzi® Bromine Test Strips
£ 7.49 £ 7.49 7.49 GBP
Jacuzzi® Bromine spa water test strips are used to measure Bromine, pH and Total Alkalinity.  Easy to use single dip tests.  Contains 50 test strips.
Jacuzzi® Chlorine Starter Kit
£ 35.99 £ 35.99 35.99 GBP
Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Chlorine Chemical Starter Kit
Contains: 500g of Stabilised Chlorine Granules, 500g pH Minus
500g pH Plus, 500 ml No Foam, Pack of 50 Test Strips. Also Includes a hot tub chemical usage, safety, and water quality problem solving guide.
Jacuzzi® Chlorine Test Strips
£ 7.49 £ 7.49 7.49 GBP
Jacuzzi® chlorine spa water test strips are used to measure free chlorine, pH and Total Alkalinity.  

Easy to use single dip tests.  

Contains 50 test strips.
Jacuzzi® Cover Cleaner 250ml
£ 15.99 £ 15.99 15.99 GBP
Jacuzzi® Cover Cleaner is a silicone based cleaner and conditioner that cleans, shines and protects acrylic ,vinyl and rubber surfaces.

The product polishes and protects surfaces from UV, moisture and harsh chemical degradation.

The product is ideal for hot tub cover top surfaces and hot tub acrylic shell surfaces.
Jacuzzi® Filter Cleaner 500g
£ 14.99 £ 14.99 14.99 GBP
Jacuzzi® hot tub Filter Cleaner.

Dissolve the powder in a bucket of warm water and leave your filters to soak overnight. rinse with fresh water and leave to dry completely between rotations.

A recommended monthly treatment for your filters.

Spa cartridge filters should be replaced every 12 months.
Jacuzzi® Hardness Increaser 1Kg
£ 8.49 £ 8.49 8.49 GBP
Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Hardness increaser used for raising the calcium hardness in your Hot Tub water.

Use to raise water hardness when low hardness readings measured. Low water hardness must be corrected as soon as possible.
Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Pipe Cleaner
£ 9.99 £ 9.99 9.99 GBP
Jacuzzi Hot Tub Pipe Cleaner has been especially formulated to remove build-up of soap and oil deposits in spa plumbing.

500ml pack size.  Dosage rate add 200ml per 1000 litres (220 gallons) of water.  Full instructions on product label.
Jacuzzi® Instant Filter Cleaner 500ml
£ 10.99 £ 10.99 10.99 GBP
Use Jacuzzi Instant Filter Cleaner spray as part of the regular cleaning routine of pool and/or hot tub cartridge filters. Jacuzzi® Instant Filter Cleaner quickly removes debris, oils, body fats and dirt utilising a unique no-soak formula to minimise down time of your pool/hot. Use instant Filter Cleaner on a fortnightly basis or more frequently if your pool/hot-tub is subject to heavy usage.
Jacuzzi® No Foam 1L
£ 11.99 £ 11.99 11.99 GBP
Jacuzzi® No Foam is a surfactant used as a problem solver to eradicate foaming on the hot tub water surface.

Use when required. A bottle lasts a long time and this is a vital addition to your spa cupboard!
Jacuzzi® No Scale 1L
£ 10.99 £ 10.99 10.99 GBP
Jacuzzi® No Scale helps keep calcium in your hot tub water in solution. As such, preventing scaling on the heater, pumps, acrylic shell and other components of the hot tub.

A recommended weekly treatment for all Hot Tubs.

1L pack should last > 12 months in an average size 1,500 litre spa pool
Jacuzzi® Non Chlorine Shock 1kg
£ 17.49 £ 17.49 17.490000000000002 GBP
Jacuzzi® Non-Chlorine shock treatment which reacts fast oxidising the water and destroys non-filterable waste enhancing water clarity.

Recommended as a weekly treatment or after heavy use for spas running on chlorine or bromine sanitiser.
Jacuzzi® Oxygen Liquid 1L
£ 17.99 £ 18.49 17.990000000000002 GBP
Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Oxygen Liquid used as a sanitizer in conjuction with Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Oxygen Tablets.

This is a mild sanitiser which is recommended for use with users having sensitive skin.

Filters will need to be cleaned more regularly and spa water may need to be changed more frequently [recommended water change every 4 weeks using this sanitiser system c.f. chlorine approx every 12 weeks between water changes].